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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dad, Where Are You Going 아빠 어디가

Dad, Where Are You Going 아빠 어디가 (Appa Oddiga) is officially the cutest show i've ever watched!

It's the new variety show from MBC which started airing this year. This show showcase 5 celebrity fathers and their child going to many different places in Korea for 2D1N holiday trip. 

This variety show is already very popular in Korea, but is not quite known to the international community yet. I'm sure it will soon spread to the international community. The cute and innocent children is what made the show so popular.

Dad: Song Jong Kook
Child: Song Jiya

Jiya is the only girl in the show. Jongkook is well-known for being a 'Dal-babo', which also means that he is willing to do anything for his daughter and he is also very protective of Jiya.. Jiya is a girl full of aegyo and she love to draw and animals. In the show, Jiya love her dad a lot and is very verbal about it. Also, an innocent and sweet romance is happening between Jiya and Yoon Hoo.

Dad: Lee Jong Hyuk
Child: Lee Junsu

Jong Hyuk and Junsu have more of a friend like relationship rather than a father and son relationship. Both Jong Hyuk and Junsu is very childish and likes to play around like friends. Junsu is a very cute kid, charming the audience with his bright smile and silly actions. He is also a very playful kid, filled with aegyo.

Dad: Yoon Min Soo
Child: Yoon Hoo

Yoon Hoo is the food expert in this show and he proves that he can eat a lot, up to 6 meals per day. He loves eggs a lot and will always ask his father to cook fried or boiled eggs for him to eat before bedtime. He is also the most popular kid in Korea due to his extreme cute actions and words. From the first episode, Hoo already shown interest in Jiya and seeing this, his father will always tease him about his love for Jiya, which Hoo will strongly deny. He is my favorite kid of the show!
Dad: Song Dong Il
Child: Song Jun

Song Jun is the cool guy of the show. From the first episode, Jun is very scared of his father and he does not interact with his father much. Their father-son relationship can be considered the worst out of all. However, as the show goes on, we see Jun getting more close to his father. Jun is also the bravest of all and has a very strong focus for things that he is determine to do.

Dad: Kim Sung Joo
Child: Kim Mingook

Mingook is the cry baby of the show even though he is the oldest child out of the 5. This pair is the unlucky one of the show as they always get to live in a not so perfect house for the night and always loses in games. However, Mingook also proved himself to be the responsible one when it comes to carrying out mission and he takes on the leadership role to lead other kids.

I fell in love with this show right from the first few minutes of the first episode. I love how the show portray the innocent and honest side of the children. My favorite child is Yoon Hoo! He is such a cutie and always says and do the most unexpected. He is the first child that caught my eye and i loveeeee him!

The attractive point of this show is the innocent children, their interaction with their father and the fact that they are just normal kids in Korea. However, as the show goes on and the popularity of each child got them CF opportunity and large amount of exposure in the entertainment industry. It will be a pity for them to become too commercial and eventually lose their innocent side and is made to do things for the sake of television. Hoo is very popular in Korea and now people recognized him in the streets. Hopefully, this won't hinder his own life and will be able to live as a normal kid.

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